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The Art of Rust

To Rust, or not to Rust?
As a guy I'm intrigued by rust, its a love/hate relationship. I have all sorts of rusty metal Ive collected to work with, my best piece is the 1918 furnace vent (pictured above) I found in a Rogers antique store for $4. 
Miraculously I got super cool semi abstract impression on some muslin so I had it scanned at and imported it into Photoshop. Then I spent some time (approximently 255,559 mouse clicks later) painting it in photoshop.
Here is a different version with added Photoshop effect.
I think I like this one the best but its hard to admit because I spent so much time airbrushing the painted version. Of course it was all part of the journey, I love photoshop and Im a newbie, but its infinitely advantageous to know the basics because it allows you so much freedom with images. 
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