• My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. I like to deconstruct the American dream. Engaging subjects as diverse as road trips, sewing, and drug addiction my work reproduces familiar signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces.


    I use a variety of materials and processes, its highly experimental.



    Brian Bunne Broughten 

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  • “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
    Pablo Picasso


    Uptown Girl

    36" x 48" pigmented original print on canvas. Isles Gallery 2756 Hennepin Ave Mpls MN *AVAILABLE $600 signed and numbered.



    "Normandy" 32" x 32"

    Patina'd copper. Currently hung at https://wyomingcreativearts.org


    Bee on Flower.

    Digital, size variable. 8" x 10" High quality print with matt for framing $60

    *Includes S/H




    10,000 Lakes

    24" x 24" Encaustic.

    Accepted ! ISEA

    International Society of Experimental Artists.

    Oregon Fall 2018




    Mixed media on canvas.



    How Now 36" x 48" acrylic on canvas. *Available



    Discovering Japan. 36" x 36" Mixed media on canvas. *Available



  • About The Artist.

    I make art to lose myself in space & time. I see abstract images everywhere, I like to represent them in my work. For me creating is evolving: Artistically, spiritually, emotionally, & intuitively and there in lies the beauty.


    The process itself isn't important to me: draw, paint, scribble, cut, paste, stencil, fabric, tissue, canvas- anything goes there are no rules in my little art world.


    I always use 100% archival materials & Golden products exclusively.

    "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

    -Scott Adams

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